Leader direction

Iskander Abdurahman

Head of the Department of Recreation

* Economic Education: Institute of Finance and Law, Makhachkala, Russian Federation

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

The traditional Japanese garden, located on the Black Sea coast, covers an area of 6 hectares and includes waterfalls, bridges, ponds with golden carps and turtles, a stone garden and other original elements and buildings.

The creator of the project is Shiro Nakane, a well-known Japanese landscape designer, hereditary guardian architect of one of the imperial gardens in Japan and the author of several Japanese gardens in the world.

The Garden offers a wide range of services:

• Excursions 

• Tea ceremonies 

• Yoga in the Temple of meditation with panoramic sea views 

• Onsen - hot public open-air pools 

• Premium hot bath Rothenburo 

• Photo session in a kimono on the background of a picturesque Garden and Japanese architecture 

• Massage