Leader direction

Vasily Kuprienko

Head of e-Commerce service creation in tourism

* Siberian Federal University, linguistics, Japanese language 
* 12 years of project management in IT, consumer electronics, e-travel markets 

We believe we can change status quo in tourism today, i.e. make travelling in Russia simple, comfortable and unforgettable for every Russian. In order to do that our team started to create the first in Russia tourist impression hypermarket on 14 March 2019. We are implementing a platform that suits modern travel needs, with the best UX on the market and a unique content that allows you to plan your vacation 360 with the help of one high-trust resource.

Travel market


The core and the heart of our tourist ecosystem is a B2B marketplace. This is one more way for tourism market companies to access all kinds of services (10 sectors and 39 niches). A sole contract with the b2b marketplace grants access to any hotel or tourist agency to sell thousands of unique products in the Crimea. All the inventory of the Crimea is transferred from the b2b core to НАШ.Travel that is tourist impression hypermarket. A tourist chooses products and services, in which the amount of mediators is minimized. Suppliers of tourist products see real competitive environment and adjust price policy to the market demands. Our portfolio contains 4 products, 2 of them have an important service function – Пляжи and НАШ.Guru. More than 70% of tourist come to the Crimean beaches. A beach is the most important criteria for the choice of destination when planning a journey. Besides, nobody in Russian Federation provides a content about beaches. We are filling this gap. In order to do that we are developing a rating system and digitalization of beaches here in the Crimea. There is the unique content and dedicated team that rates every beach according to 120 characteristics. When a tourist has a question about a beach, he finds an answer on our resource. Due to Пляжи we are the only ones in Russian market who fully respond to both important tourist's questions that are where to live and what beaches to bathe at.


НАШ.GuRu is the service that answers the question what to do in the Crimea today. Here you can know about events, performances, restaurants and buy a ticket to the cinema, museums or parks. Reviews, stories and bloggers' reviews are collected here.