Leader direction

Ekaterina Romanchevskaya

Head of Clinic Personalized medicine

* Phd in Economics 
* MBA EY Academy of Bussines 
* Taxation Law Academy Dentons 

COO of Aldo Coppola Russia 
Deputy of CFO Maison Dellos Holding 
CFO of Café Pushkin New York 

Clinic Personalized medicine

Clinic Personalized medicine

Major focus area for the Clinic – is assessment of physiological and biological age and rehabilitation programs aimed at adjusting age. 

In addition there are Genetic and laboratory diagnostics, individual vitamin and mineral complex prescriptions. 

An individual health strategy is a document that shows results of clients check-up in the Clinic and offers a health management road map and a program of changes for the life habits philosophy. 

Restaurant with healthy food and meal balance is an important part of guests stay during the program, as well as Apartments for private accommodation. 

Clinic of Personalized Medicine creates also a style of life involving guests to exclusive events such as lections of the best doctors in the area of active longevity, public talks and professional help of the Russian and foreign specialists in the area of integrative medicine and gerontology. 

Main directions in the Clinic:

• functional diagnostics 

• balneology 

• expert level cosmetology 

• infusion therapy 

• minimally invasive plastic surgery 

• bio-light nutrition system 

• fitness coaching