Wine Park
About Wine Park

Wine Park is a multifunctional space which is including:

One of the new thematic locations in Crimea in 2020 will be the
center of enogastronomic tourism - Wine Park. The tourist dominant
of the peninsula and the top attraction on the Russian map.

● Gravity winery with state-of-the-art equipment and the ability
to produce 150,000 bottles of wine per year.

● Own cheese factory for production of high-quality cheese from natural goat and cow's milk with the first in Russia cheese holding chamber.

● A unique exposition space both in the building and in the open air.
We will present an alternative view of wine and consider it as a metaphor for human life and the whole humanity

● Children's eco-park, including Fruit Garden and agricultural laboratory, with the possibility to carry out a number of educational programs in botany and biology.

Art space (amphitheater) for recreation and various events. It is a program space for holding topical cultural programs: performances, festivals, live music concerts, lectures and master classes. On a huge LED screen, in the open air, visitors will be able to watch movies.

The mission of Wine Park is to popularize and develop Crimea as a wine region not inferior to French, Italian, Spanish provinces and lands in terms of its terroirs characteristics or wine potential.

Mria Wine Park will become an international hub of modern winemaking (150,000 visitors annually), which will be aimed at the development of the Russian enological scene and will be able to generate cognitive "wine" discourse for the whole society.

In Mria Wine Park, we will create opportunities for free access to new ideas, assessments and emotions. Our event program will help to reveal the wine identity of Crimea in the context of international traditions and trends. Domestic specialists will discover centuries-old experience of foreign colleagues and will be aware of the latest enogastronomic trends, on the sites of Wine Park there will be regular expert events involving the most interesting and extraordinary international specialists, as well as competitions and festivals of innovation in the wine sphere.

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Phone: +7 978 077 27 97
Moscow, Kutuzovskiy prospect 32